ACDSee Mac Pro 3.6 Build 170 Release Notes

OS X Mavericks 10.9 support added

Bug Fixes

  • Import from Device or Camera, the Option Place in subfolder would produce an error message and the import would fail.
  • Import from Device or Camera, the Thumbnail Zoom slider didn't work properly on OS X 10.9
  • Uploading certain files to ACDSee 365 on OS X 10.9 would sometimes crash ACDSee Mac Pro.
  • Develop Mode Exposure warning shortcut key did not work.


  • ACDSee Mac Pro 3 now available in German and French.
  • Help File updates.

General Notes

  • File names that contain &\/:*?"<>| may cause errors when managing or developing on your local hard drive or connected devices, or when uploading to ACDSee Online. Do not use &\/:*?"<>| in file names or folders.
  • The minimum year that EXIF Date/Time Original can be set to is 1900 using Batch Adjust Time Stamp.
  • You cannot develop images that are located in a locked folder or a read-only device, such as a CD.
  • If "Replace existing files" is unchecked in the Import dialog, and the destination folder contains a file with the same name, the file on your camera will not be imported.
  • In Batch Rename, the Literal token displays @ when a character is typed into the field for "Starting from". Typing a number will resolve this issue.
  • Saving a NEF image to a compressed TIFF results in a black image.
  • Supported RAW cameras depend on the latest RAW updates from Apple that have been installed on your computer.